Sex met evelyn01

Naam : evelyn01
Leeftijd : 33
Woonplaats : Berchem
Provincie : Antwerpen
Opleiding : Universiteit
Lengte : volgt
Figuur : slank
Haar : bruin
Ogen : grijs
Roken : Nee
Piercing : Nee
Tattoo : Ja

If I have to describe myself it would be as a little silly, kinda funny, totally self-depricating, romantic, laid back, somewhat intelligent, hopefully considerate and definitely passionate. I'm petite but I definitely have curves. Although I'm somewhat conservative in my lifestyle, I believe in being open minded and I try to be understanding and accepting of others. I tend to gravitate away from judgmental people...does that make me judgmental??? lol! I like good conversation and laughter. I love travel, music, concerts, art, movies (from foreign films to cartoons), skydiving, the ocean, boating, sailing, exploring, adventures, good friends, good food and good wine. Enough self promoting!

I want something simple, easy and uncomplicated. I'm a one guy kind of girl. I don't believe in dating more than one person at a time and I want the same in return. This doesn't mean it's serious, just exclusive...can you tell the difference? That being said, I'd like to meet someone who is also laid back. I don't know that I necessarily have a "type" and if I do, I can't really describe it ;) I like many different traits in people. Sooooo, if you're somewhat smart, kinda funny, sort of cute, a little fit, generally a GOOD GUY, unafraid of making a fool of yourself, able to laugh at yourself when you do, nonjudgmental, accepting of others, considerate, can get through a poetry reading and/or football game, go to a five star restaurant or the corner diner, hop on a plane for the weekend without much notice or spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing...drop me a line