Sex met kth_99

Naam : kth_99
Leeftijd : 45
Woonplaats : Antwerpen
Provincie : Antwerpen
Opleiding : Universiteit
Lengte : volgt
Figuur : slank
Haar : zwart
Ogen : bruin
Roken : Nee
Piercing : Nee
Tattoo : Nee

I am a happy, friendly, spirit with a sense of humor, perfectly seasoned with life experience and wisdom looking for a person who is ready, willing and able to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life.Is there a "perfect" match? I think there is someone who is just the right fit, they always know what to say, and always seem to make even the worst days better. When you are away from each other, all you do is count the minutes until you get to see each other again. Someone who knows what your thinking just by the look on your face, or what your favorite candy bar is, or how you like your coffee, and sometimes just simple things like, how you sleep at night (on your side or in a ball) ... I know everyone is looking for something different, but i'm looking for my "fit" that's why i'm here Easy to get along with, fun, loves to laugh, family-oriented, goal-oriented, love listening to music and dancing, always helping someone out, love to travel and do new things,exercise is becoming a favorite, love home decorating shows always looking for new ideas

I am looking for an honest trustworthy man, somewho who can be a compliment my life rather than be a disappointment. Someone who enjoys family, laughing, and just having a good time! My perfect match doesn't have to be perfect at all. Just be yourself. Be honest from the start. Communication is the key. As long as he's fun and outgoing, everything else will just fall into place. My better half should be able to do his own thing and not worry about me while he's doing it. I can handle myself! I don't stray, so my free time shouldn't be a problem. i like hanging out with my friends and being out of the house. I don't take well to sitting around! I like just about anything and if I haven't tried it or heard of it, that doesn't mean I won't do it. I want to travel...and by 'travel' I like to do anything outside of four walls. There's always something new happening.